Ah, this is it!  The last pictures I took in the Sahuarita house!  I'm kicking myself a little bit for not being intentional about picking up my camera more in the last days.  But, I know that this is what I was able to do at the time and I know when to be grateful enough for that.  You'll see in the coming months that my ability to even pick up my camera gets very limited. 

Anyways, as I was saying... this is the month of our big cross-country move from Arizona to Tampa, Florida.  A few days before the move I flew to Miami, FL to second shoot a wedding.  I was so enthralled by all the green and the lush and the light and the shadows and the WATER!  Water everywhere.  It was a great little taste of what was to come!  I flew back to Arizona and within an hour or two we were on the road East!  

We took 6 days, I believe, driving and staying in hotels.  Four kids, two dogs, three cats spread between two vehicles.  The cats yowled the whole way, shit in their crates each day and got bathed each night.  We spent Thanksgiving celebrating that we'd made it into the state of Florida by splashing in a surprisingly chilly hotel pool for a few minutes and then eating at the Cracker Barrel across the street [no one had turkey].  We made it to the temporary lodging on the military base in Tampa the next day.  

My mom and sister, Haley, flew in to visit and help us during the transition.