I'm sharing some work from the last few years. 
Month-by-month photo dumps until I get caught up!  

- Not much! 
- These are some of the very first images I took with the new-to-me 24mm lens.  It was an adjustment for sure but I'd go on to love that lens so so much!  
- We had recently decided to put our home in Sahuarita on the market and move into base housing in Tucson.  Lily and Leena were in a school downtown and Thomas worked on the base so the commute was more than any of us were wanting to deal with anymore.  So, the house is starting to get emptier and cleaned up for eventual showings. 
- Life still revolved around long periods of time in the minivan for school drop off and pick up throughout the week.  
- The kids were 7, 3, 2 and 2 years old here.