Onslow, together.

Thomas and I spent a few days in North Carolina back in May without the kids.  We were there for his sister's wedding and the whole trip flew by really fast.  We made it a priority to spend some time at our favorite beach a day or two after we got to town.  It was nice for what it was.  We spent about an hour, walking in the surf and looking for shells and sharks teeth before we were ready to go.  We aren't used to being alone.  We aren't used to quiet or calm or boredom.  Sometimes it feels like we're held together, as a family... all of us strung along, holding hands with the children between us... together... connected.  One day the kids will all have let go, one by one and there will be that space between us that only we can close back up again.  We'll have to learn what it means to be alone together.  In the quiet, calm part of our lives.  
I've been looking forward to that adventure a lot, lately.  When I look over at him and I'm just too tired, too anxious to push the stress and the effort of life from between us and instead snuggle down between the twins for the night.  That time will come. 
I went back through these images this afternoon.  None of them appealed to me at all when I uploaded them right after the trip.  We were too goofy looking.  I wasn't very intentional while I was shooting... just kind of snapping away as we walked around... it was more of a preoccupation than documentation.  We were so awkward at times.  But, when I looked through them today we were beautiful.  We were parents with four young children on the other side of the country.  We were awkward, but trying.  We were owning it.  We talked about how much more fun our lives are right now with all the wild the children add to it.  We'd much rather be there with them.  But, we weren't.  So, we left.  One day we'll have the time and the energy to find each other on that level again.  But, at that moment, we just wanted some BBQ and a nap in the air conditioning, together!